About This Blog

The popular version of the origin of the word “Posh” is that wealthy English passengers going to and from India by ship would request the shady port side on the outward journey and starboard on the way home: Port Out, Starboard Home. Since there is absolutely no evidence for it, it’s just a story. But it makes a great blog title.

This blog is a way to force us to keep a diary. It works most of the time. If our observations are entertaining or helpful, so much the better! Any interested parties, be they literary agents 🙂 or just folks, are welcome to comment on posts or email us directly using the form below.

We’re a retired couple living in Pacific Palisades, part of the city of Los Angeles. Our pursuits include classical music, birdwatching, photography and, of course, travel. After a series of foreign excursions we’re going to tackle North America next in an Airstream Westfalia. Whether we are still suited for long road trips (we circumnavigated the USA in 1981, a long time ago) remains to be seen.


— Chuck & Alice Bragg


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